The development of worldwide unique innovative technology aimed to locate extract, and neutralize the underwater chemical warfare agents (CWA),
with the use of mobile water-borne installation

The project involves conducting research and development works aimed to develop the worldwide and national innovative solution regarding the comprehensive processof neutralizing underwater CWA and their transformation products, at the site of discovery, comprising the following stages:

Stages of work

To neutralize the underwater CWA

Accurate location and identification of the type of underwater chemical weapon, containers with CWA and CWA.


Chemical analysis of bottom sediment in terms of the existing CWA markers.


Chemical analysis of theammunitionfill composition, assessment of the technical condition as well as the risk of contamination and explosion.


Safe extraction of ammunition to the surface and transfer to a chamber to assess the type of loading.
*including the assessment of CWA existing in the extracted ammunition,within the watercraft


Neutralization of CWA in a plasma chamber, and the assessment of neutralization efficiency and exhaust gas purity


Disposal of the remnants of neutralized ammunition containing CWA.

Within the project,a method of flue gas analysis shall be developed in order to assessthe complete neutralization of particular CWA, and the identified simple gases such as CO2, NO2, or SO2 shall be subject to absorption in barbotage scrubbers.

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