Goal of the Project

The main goal of the project involves conducting R&D works, aimed at developing comprehensive technology covering the process of accurate location, identification, extraction and neutralization of chemical ammunition and chemical warfare agents (CWA) lying on the seabed and posing significant threat tothe ecosystems (in particular, the specific environment of the Baltic Sea).
This project aims to develop an innovative solution in the form of worldwide unique service addressed to the commercial market clients, mainly:offshore wind farm investors, offshore infrastructure facility investors (e.g. implementing investments within the area of the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Danish Straits), port authorities, municipalities, maritime offices, relevant ministries andentities implementing investments which require contact with the seabed where dangerous substances, such as CWA, may potentially be located.
Due to its character and features, the new service will be provided as a supplement toan offer ofclearing the seabed from conventional weapons and will constitutean answer to the notified market needs in this respect.
The key elements of innovative service involve integrating, within one service, the following systems:unique location system, identification and extraction, and neutralization of CWA directly at sea (mobile installation mounted on the watercraft).
The project results are particularly important regarding the marine environment protection and the prevention of its further degradation caused by CWA released into the marine ecosystem.

The implementation of R&D works will involve a team ofemployees of the Applicant and Subcontractors, including a team from the Polish Naval Academy, a specialized team of divers andan entity responsible for developing a unique system of CWA extraction as well as a laboratory responsible for analysing the bottom sediment samples.

Stages of the Project

Stage I and II

Industrial research and development works aimed to develop a complete installation for rendering a unique service ensuring fullneutralization of CWA and their transformation productsextracted from the seabed, at sea, within the watercraft.

Stage III and IV

Industrial development works – preparing the process in order to combine numerous available and currently applicablefrequently independent processes into one service, and to conduct operations related to the detection, location, extraction and safe neutralization of CWA and their transformation products, directly at the watercraft.

Expected results

Mobile character of installation
Neutralization of extracted CWA in the marine environment at the watercraft
Comprehensive technology
Complete and full neutralization